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An intelligent tool management system that manages your cutting tools, tool holders, tool assemblies, fixtures, and suppliers.

Organize tools, holders, and fixtures

A common challenge for the NC programmer is to handle tools, toolholders and fixture models in a smooth and efficient manner when CAM programming. If you have several CAM programmers, certainly you will want to be able to share tooling and fixture data with each other in a simple way.

About Tool Manager IQ(tm)

Work with barcode scanners and ToolID

ToolManageriQTM provides the ability to work with barcode scanners and ToolID for smoother tool management. In addition, the user can add information about the tool supplier, which means that both the tool and vendor information is available when it is time to order new tools.

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Move Tools and Fixtures Transparently

The image on the left is the tool dialog in GibbsCAM, and to the right is the ToolManageriQTM window. Tools and fixtures can be moved transparently between GibbsCAM and ToolManageriQTM.

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