CAM Solutions, a leading provider of high-end computing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of ToolManageriQ V2.5™ for GibbsCAM® 2022. This new solution brings the world of tool data management into GibbsCAM, natively working inside it. CAM Solutions has designed ToolManageriQ V2.5 upon the earlier foundations set by Fructus in 2014.

But what exactly is ToolManageriQ?

Well, ToolManageriQ is a tool data management system that is both an integrated GibbsCAM solution and an offline software solution. This tool allows programmers and developers to take every tool they have ever created in GibbsCAM and bring it into one platform. Everything under one roof, to be shared throughout the organization, from the shop floor upwards.

As ToolManageriQ continues to grow and evolve, the CAM goal remains the same: to deliver a solution that is useful and enjoyable. This new solution has several improvements. The first improvement is the ability of ToolManageriQ to work natively inside GibbsCAM 2022. It’s also compatible with GibbsCAM V13. Several mathematical concepts and capabilities have been added to the new solution for imperial, metric conversions.

CAM Solutions have added an improved installer for SQL integration; and support for eight languages: English, French, Germany, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Finnish. What makes oolManageriQ a really intuitive and powerful solution is the ability to perform both as a GibbsCAM plugin and standalone software. This dual functionality allows the CNC programmer and support team to share the same SQL database.

The sharing of the SQL database between the CNC programmer and the support staff enriches tool information and sharing by adding values and information that was not initially available, such as supplier information, barcode information, and detailed card numbers.

The launch of the ToolManageriQ emerges from the understanding that all CNC programmers face the challenge of managing tools when using CAM solutions because of the same tasks being performed repeatedly. So, the new tool data management software systemizes repetitive tasks thus achieving greater agility and scalability. Developers and CNC programmers can quickly discern which tools are available to them and which ones have been used before.

This new solution ensures that you do not run around the shop looking for lost tools. You instantly know the specific tool holders that go with which tools. Programmers can sort their tools by job, by machine, or type, immediately producing playlists for all their fixtures and tools. Since everyone is using the same database, it enhances tool data and fixtures for everyone on the team to benefit in real-time.

By having the GibbsCAM plugin and offline versions available to the entire team, data management becomes a breeze while saving time and reducing stress. Since the ToolManageriQ doesn’t require cloud support, it’s very fast for moving tools and fixtures inside and outside your GibbsCAM. As a user, you don’t need to access the internet to use or transfer files. So, looking carefully at the new solution, we can see that it ushers in a world of possibilities and opportunities.

These possibilities can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Organizing tools, holders, and fixtures. The new solution is a breeze for CNC programmers as it helps them organize tools and know which ones are available for use.
  • Works with toolID and barcode scanners. ToolManageriQ provides the ability to work with toolID and barcode scanners for easier and smoother tool management. In addition, the user can add information about the tool supplier which means that the tool and vendor information is available when ordering new tools.
  • Transparency in moving tools and fixtures. The new solution integrates GibbsCAM and ToolManageriQ, allowing easier and more transparent transfer of files.
  • Efficiency in tool management. CAM programmers do the same thing over and over instead of systemizing frequent tasks. Not knowing what tools are available and what tools are rigged in a particular CNC machine is annoying and time-consuming.

In addition, browsing hundreds of window folders and files trying to locate the appropriate fixture model is something most people do, and neither is it fun nor efficient. ToolManageriQ solves these problems. It’s a tool designed to make you faster with the already fast GibbsCAM system.

CAM Solutions – Your Leading Solutions Provider

As a company with decades of experience in software creation, CAM Solution is a vendor of highly trusted solutions. CAM Solutions and its team have been involved with GibbsCAM since the inception of CAM Solutions back in the late 1980s. This robust collaboration brought insight into the typical GibbsCAM user experience.

Its long experience and dynamic collaborations have allowed CAM Solutions to launch a line-up of GibbsCAM textbooks and manuals. These new additions have been the most used since GibbsCAM V9. CAM Solutions also continues to develop custom plugins and post processors for GibbsCAM.

In addition, due to its dedication to manufacturing efficiency, CAM Solutions has also been involved in machine monitoring and data collection. With the development and introduction of CSIFLEX, an IIOT back in 2017, allows the processing of large amounts of machine data. It funnels this information into clean, straightforward dashboards and reports that can be acted upon to improve manufacturing workflows and timelines; while still keeping the end-user data private in local servers.

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